I always have a hard time trying to think of the first thing to say about myself. So, here goes. My name is Nikki. I grew up in southern Indiana, wandered through Pensacola, Florida for a while and now…well, now I have found myself in Alabama. Alabama is the last place I thought I would live, and definitely the last place I thought I would raise Aiva. But here I am, and slowly, I am starting to love Alabama. We came here for my husband’s job, and in the process I was blessed with the greatest teaching position I could have imagined for myself, great new friends, and a fantastic church to love and grow with. That was definitely not my plan. Good thing I am not actually in charge, though I love to pretend that I am. I am learning, though it is a definite process for me.

I have been abundantly blessed with a husband who loves me more than I deserve and is a Christ-loving true “family man.” There is nothing he would not do for Aiva and myself. Seeing as he goes into burning buildings for a living, I am quite confident that he would go through one for me. Probably without his fancy get-up, too. I think back on the path that brought me to him, and again, I am amazed that it was not my plan. There is no way that I would have found Josh without some serious help. I had a thing for “bad boys” and he is about as far away from the bad boy arena as we are from the moon.

And then there is Aiva. We decided we were ready to “try” to have a baby, and 5 weeks later, she was on her way. I could write a book about the amazing things about her, as I am sure all moms can do. Everyday, I am amazed by the new things she has learned and the things that show us exactly who she is becoming. This week, she has started to actually have conversations with us. When we leave a friend’s house, school, or playground, she can tell us about it! And later, she’ll talk about it again! I absolutely love it. She is 2 1/2 by the way. She is more incredible than I ever imagined. Not my plan.

I guess all of this is to say that, after 30 years of being incredibly independent, I have finally realized that life does not go according to my plan. For the first time, I can say that I am so glad that it didn’t. To God be the glory.


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