My God is an awesome God

Lately, I have been filled with a desire to have “big faith.” I often feel that, though my faith is grounded in truth I have known nearly my whole life, it is a very small faith. I do not like to talk about it; at least not really talk about it and how it affects my everyday. Lately, though, there has been this voice telling me to believe big. Friday night I figured out that it was not me, talking to myself. Instead, it was my God, finally getting through my not-so-good-at-listening-to-God brain.

You see, I am quite independent. Quite proud of being independent, and quite confident in my ability to take care of most things. Well, well, to my surprise, God is louder than I am. For months, my husband has been working hard to be a strong, Godly leader of our family, and I think I have resisted even that change in him. It means a change in me, and I wasn’t sure that it was one that I wanted to make. But lately, I have been told to believe big. So, one step for me is to trust my husband and his leadership role in our family.

I am excited to see what this actually means for me. As a wife, a mom, a teacher, a friend. I just don’t know. I think I am most excited about the wife and mom part. I pour so much of myself into Aiva and home, that I just can’t believe that there isn’t a bigger plan that I haven’t listened to yet. So anyway, that’s my brain for today.


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