Conversation with a Bug

All the time, I am amazed by Aiva! She continued her streak this weekend. She has been quite chatty for a while, but she has just exploded in the last week. In the car, she talks to us about what has happened, she asks us questions about EVERYTHING and she just doesn’t stop! All of this just makes me eternally grateful for the blessing that is Aiva.

Josh and I always talk about how she is not what we envisioned on the day that I told him she was on her way. I am not sure what I expected, but she has absolutely exceeded my wildest dreams. She is smart, she is sassy, she is funny, she is kind, she is loving…and she is 2. Which doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. She is starting to tell us no, refuse to move when we ask her to, and sometimes just do the opposite of what is requested and expected of her. I secretly like these things about Aiva.

She makes me think. She makes me consider what is the best choice. She makes me stop and think before I react. Every choice we make for Aiva right now teaches her something about something. She learns something about herself, she learns something about her Mom and Dad, and she learns something about expectations. Now, some people might think I am crazy for believing that she is learning about lifelong expectations at 2, but she is. And I am so honored to be one of those showing her the way.


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